Volpe has a  relaxed home from home feel, you can stay for as long as you like without feeling you're outstaying your welcome.

with free Wi-Fi, and  (sensibly volumed)  music combined with great coffee.

We wanted space for everyone in an environment which is inviting, warm and relaxed.

We keep prices at a reasonable level, we hope our regular and new customers feel that there is heart, warmth and honesty in our little coffee shop.

open from 10-4 wednesday - sunday 

(coffee passport Wednesday - Friday)

We offer two pricing packages which we hope will suit you, price are per person, per day.


As many hot drinks as you like.

spend as long as you like.


As many hot or soft drinks as you like, a panini or slice of cake.

spend as long as you like.

give us a call 0114 3270030 or email us volpebistro@gmail.com